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              FIFI Organized Virtual B2B Meetings for more details contact info@fifi.in

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              About Us


              In the August of 2009, the formation of FIFI was initiated by a couple of like-minded market leaders of Agriculture, food and beverages, in India. Rounds of initial deliberations led to the formation of the group as a platform to interact on regular basis to share and resolve common trade related issues. Through its years of existence FIFI believe passionately that the international business partnerships create jobs and growth in both the countries and that India can benefit from the ideas, technology, R&D, services, and products that can create success stories in India.


              FIFI’s fundamental objectives remain strategic promotion of agriculture,food, and beverage trade in India via its numerous outreach endeavours. FIFI has eventually graduated into a chamber of commerce, which does liaising with Government bodies, represent F&B trade at all possible forums, create conducive environment for business in country. FIFI’s core strength is its intensive data base, facilitating buyers and sellers in order to accomplish its stated mission to increase F&B trade, and its unmatched experience of working as an intermediary with numerous trade governments and Government of India. FIFI’s proactive and inclusive approach focuses on empowering enterprises and raising competitiveness across F&B sectors.

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