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              FIFI Organized Virtual B2B Meetings for more details contact info@fifi.in

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              Upcoming Events..see more >>

              USDA - FIFI Goa American Food Fiesta September 2016

              US Government's Department of Agriculture in India and Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI) have partnered together to do the first ever HORECA food and beverage festival in Goa. The objective of the promotion is to highlight high quality U.S. origin food and beverages like Washington apples, Californian Almonds, American cranberries, pecans, BBQ sauces, pop corns, tofu, sauces, dry pea and lentils, and many others.

              Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI), is an apex chamber, which represents over 1400 importers from India and work closely with various country governments and Government of India to benefit the member importers and with an objective to bring international products to the end consumers.

              Nine premium five start hotels and restaurants are working in association to create 'Grand American Food Fiesta' and have developed exclusive menu using U.S origin products in fusion with Indian ingredients. Celebrity Master Chef Bill Marchetti along with the team of chefs from partnering joints has prepared an exclusive menu and said, "the concept of fusion is getting global and as a chef it gives me immense pleasure to create menu using high quality American Ingredients."

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