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              FIFI Organized Virtual B2B Meetings for more details contact info@fifi.in

              Upcoming Events..see more >>

              Upcoming Events..see more >>

              Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI), a non-government, and a not for profit entity that works primarily to enhance food and beverage business in India, via its innumerable outreach endeavours. FIFI has prowess in providing comprehensive knowledge on Indian Food & Beverage market, food safety regulations, legal metrology requirements, assistance with labelling requirement basis the Indian regulations, backward integration, cold chain logistics, business enhancements, market exploration, organized retail studies, and online retail evaluations.

              FIFI members are dedicatedly working to supporting several GOI’s programs like Eat Right India, Make in India, Skill Development, Drink Responsible, and support social causes like upliftment of women entrepreneurs, research & development, and encouraging food processing facilities to be conceptualized in country. FIFI is an association representing over 5,000 members and other stakeholders with over 1600 brands, and apart from Indian business houses member base comprises of over 74 countries, which includes businesses operating in Indian market or commerce.

              Upcoming Events
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